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PerlSETI is a very simple GUI front end for the SETI@home client. It is completely written in Perl. The main idea is to list more and better stats than the regular SETI@home client.

Currently I use Perl 5.005_05 on Linux 2.2.14 to develop it. It should work with all SETI@home clients on Unix.

PerlSETI SourceForge Project Page

  • NEWS - 01/27/2002

    I don't know where "Undifined" has gone. I guess the project is back in my hand. Basicly everything is working fine with the current Version of SETI. Contact me at if you have any problems.

  • NEWS - 12/09/2000

    The project is now maintained by Undifined, email him!

  • NEWS - 2/13/2000

    PerlSETI is now hosted by SourceForge! If you have patches or want to report bugs, please use our SourceForge project page, that's also the place where I'll now post news!

  • PerlSETI 2.0 - 2/4/2000

    PerlSETI 2.0 has been released. It makes PerlSETI compatible with the new SETI@home 2.0 client and also includes a small bugfix. The new version is not compatible with the old 1.x clients. If you are updating from an old PerlSETI version, like 0.6, then you just have to exchange the with the new version.

  • NEWS - 1/27/2000

    Yes, I'm still alive :-). I lost all the bug fixes and enhancements which were send to me because I've had a HDD crash in December. Howwever, I downloaded SET@home v2.0 yesterday and I'm currently using it, i'll figure out the new data files and then there should be a new version for the 2.0 client and I'll also include a bugfix to v0.6.

  • PerlSETI v0.6 - 8/29/1999

    This new release includes just some improvements, two actually. The frequency is now displayed in GHz and the total CPU time is now also frequently updated by adding the current unit time to the total CPU time.

  • PerlSETI v0.5p2 - 7/31/1999

    This is just a bug-fix release which fixes the bug that caused PerlSETI to crash with the return-value message in the perlseti.conf. You also HAVE to replace the old perlseti.conf with the new perlseti.conf if you are updating it.

  • Bug Fixed v0.5 - 7/26/1999

    The bug is fixed which cause PerlSETI to crash during compilation... hehe, stupid really! Should have tested it before - I missed a '}'. Download v0.5 again, now it's fixed.

  • PerlSETI v0.5 - 7/26/1999

    The public release is out! This version gives everyone access to the following improvements and new features: configuration file, Color or B/W output, additional HTML output, improved progress bar, updated time display, signal handler, choice of displaying the PID with the HTML output, logging, WindowsNT support and auto-client-kill. This will be the last major release since it supports everything that is needed and more. I'll continue to update it so it'll keep up with new datafile formats and so on, also bugs which are found will be fixed. I just want to try something new now, hacking other code.

  • PerlSETI v0.4.5 - 7/19/1999

    This version is a development release with many undocumented features, it should only be used by developers, code hackers, or if you know what you are doing. It includes an updated time display, a new progress bar, color support, configuration (still in the file - will be in a seperate file in 0.5) and a HTML export feature. There'll be even more features in 0.5... that version will follow in the next days - the version for everyone. I also changed the layout of this page a bit, look more like the SETI@home page now. Credits for all the people who send me improvements and patches (those which have been implanted) will be given in a CREDITS file in 0.5, version 0.4.5 is just the file.

  • NEWS - 7/12/1999

    I'm finally back from vacation :-). While I was on vacation I got about 50 mails with suggestions and improvements as well as complete code for new features. That will take some time to include everything and to combine it with v0.4.5 which is my current development version that I wrote while on vacation. PerlSETI v0.4 should still work fine until I will release v0.5 in between some days or two weeks. Features of v0.5 will include: Configuration File, Output on screen as well as HTML (flat listing or table), Color support, spanish language support (maybe), improved features, better display of the work unit time and much more. I might also play around with the new SETI::Stats module.
    Just give me some time to work on it!

  • PerlSETI v0.4 - 6/16/1999

    This version includes some bugfixes and it now really clears the screen instead of just scrolling. This will also be the release for the next weeks since I'll go on vacation in some days. Next release will include new features!

  • PerlSETI v0.3 - 6/12/1999

    This release comes with a bugfix, listing of top spike and gaussian as well as a new and improved start-up script.

  • PerlSETI v0.2 - 6/6/1999

    This is a very important bugfix release, it fixes the bug that caused PerlSETI to crash when a new work unit was downloaded. It also ads a message line which displays what SETI@home is currently doing.

  • PerlSETI v0.1 - 6/5/1999

    This is the first release whith a lot of features. It can display nearly all the things and even more than all the other GUI's for X and the shell out there.
    Look at the screen-shot and download it, test it - and be happy or not.


    PerlSETI 2.x runs fine with the SETI@home client for Unix v2.0
    PerlSETI 0.x runs fine with the SETI@home client for Unix v1.1, 1.2. and 1.3

    More Information

    Get the README file.

    PerlSETI 0.6 Screen-shot


  • PerlSETI v2.0 - 15.5kb - ChangeLog
  • PerlSETI v0.6 - 15.3kb - ChangeLog
  • PerlSETI v0.5p2 - 15.2kb
  • PerlSETI v0.5 - 15.3kb
  • PerlSETI v0.4.5developer - 22.6kb (unpacked)
  • PerlSETI v0.4 - 10.8kb
  • PerlSETI v0.3 - 10.7kb
  • PerlSETI v0.2 - 8.9kb
  • PerlSETI v0.1 - 8.7kb

    Or, try our FTP directory


  • HTMLPerlSETI Homepage - A html wrapper for PerlSETI, check it out -> it's great
  • DeepTux and SETI::Stats Module - DeepTux is the Linux-based SETI@home super-computer ;-) running PerlSETI and HTMLPerlSETI.
  • SETI@home - SETI@home home page
  • X-SETI - X-SETI is a Tcl/Tk/Expect front end for X. My favorite GUI for X. One of the inspirations.
  • SETIView - SETIView is a Ncurses based front end. Also on of my inspirations.
  • TkSETI - TkSETI is also a Tcl/Tk based front end for X. Get the stats directly from the server. One of my inspirations.
  • SetiHerder - GTK front end. Allows you to control multiple clients on multiple hosts.
  • Perl CPAN - Get Perl with modules and doucumentation from here.
  • Mail me with suggestions, bugs, questions and improvements at

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